• July 7, 2017

The images of saccharine, faux Meissen ballerinas and shepherdesses, dolls with dolls, posed in front of the artist’s paintings, collages or found fabrics are installation photographs or the documentation of performances. As the images are on the recto of the printed sheet (the usual home of text), the text, now on the verso, becomes destabilized, as if fabricated to illustrate the image.

  • September 27, 2016

SHY ARTIST LOST, Last seen when taking part in citydrift/LONDON with a gang of recently graduated Chelsea MA students. Most probably still drifting but there have been suggestions that he has been kidnapped (bucket on his head). Anyway, if anybody can return him to me unharmed and in good condition, there is a £25 cash reward.

  • April 12, 2016

Sluice_magazine spring issue will be launched on:
20 April at Islington Mill (Salford)
30 April at IMT Gallery (London)
and in early May in Rijeka (Croatia)

please come along and support it and buy one.

for more information: http://sluice.info/magazine